Sunday, April 26, 2015

Microsoft will NEVER call you!

There is a horrible phone scam scourging America these days: a fellow calls and introduces himself as "Joe from Microsoft" (or some other name) and proceeds to let you know that your computer has a virus or a dirty hard drive or needs an update that he (or she) will be happy to provide. If you agree, then he will prompt you to allow him remote control over your computer while he does unknown things and then he will attempt to charge you for the 'service.' Not only is this rude and inconvenient and possibly costly, but it will trash your computer.

So, here's a quick tip for all computer users: Microsoft will never call you. Neither will Dell or Samsung or HP or Xerox or any computer or printer manufacturer. If you get a call like that, just hang up.

For that matter, it is highly unlikely that anyone from AT&T or Verizon or Time Warner Cable or DirectTV would call you with such a request. If you are ever concerned that this may not be a legitimate phone call, hang up and call back that company with a phone number that you look up yourself (after all, if he gives you his number, then there's no proof that it's not in someone's basement in Katmandu)!

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