Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shortcut to internet addresses

If you know where you want to go on the internet, no need to search for the name. And, if it's a ".com" site, there is no need to type in the "www." part or the ".com" part... here's the tip:

You want to go to Simply go to the very top line where you can type.

Type ONLY the name of the something and press CTRL+ENTER (hold down the CTRL key while you press the ENTER key).

This will automatically take you to
Try it with target or ebay or wikipedia.

IT ONLY WORKS WITH ".COM" sites. For instance, if you want to go to, you'll need to type in If you type just whitehouse and press CTRL + ENTER, then you'll get to nothing (thank goodness; this used to be a porn site; it was very awful to go there when you meant to visit the whitehouse!).

Cool, huh? Save a little typing and frustration!

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